Jagged Root Rub

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A versatile, granular spice rub. Our Jagged Root Rub is great as a seasoning for breadcrumbs to bread chicken. Also works well as a dry rub on chicken, turkey or pork. Try mixing it with olive oil or butter and used to roast a chicken. Slightly spicy, as we use our scotch bonnet peppers, but the savery tones of the paprika and orange override the heat.


Garlic, scotch bonnet pepper, basil, onion, orange peel, oregano, paprika, green bell pepper, thyme

This blend has a very small amount calcium phosphate it’s added as an anti caking ingredient. It is safe, and can be added to vegan and organic products. The vast majority of our blends do not need it, but this blend tends to cake-up without it. Less than 2% added.