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Rude Boi Hot Salt

Rude Boi Hot Salt

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Combining Smoking Ed Curry's Guinness World Record's hottest pepper, the 'Carolina Reaper' and 'Red Jamaican Scotch Bonnet' we created the first generation of our Rude Boi Hot Pepper!

The marriage between the Carolina's heat and Scotch Bonnets fruity undertones is the exact flavor we were going for in the F1 generation pepper. 

The 2021 Rude Boi still brings the same heat as the F1 but has a more balanced flavor between the Reaper heat and Bonnet hint of sweet.

Great on anything you would use hot sauce with! Beware this sauce packs a bit more heat than most of our blends.

Very limited batch from our urban farm harvest.

Great on all meats and veggies! A favorite in stews and soups, try in your Pho!

Rude Boi Hot Salt: Pacific Ocean Sea salt, Rude Boi Hot Pepper Sauce

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